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The Cupcake Doctor is a cupcakery and delivery service committed to providing freshly made baked goods (happiness in a cup!) to Colorado Springs, for our customer’s everyday enjoyment and special occasions.  Military family owned and operated, it is our mission to create affordable, creative, and delicious homemade treats for our hard-working neighbors, including fellow military service members and their families.

    Our founder, Desirae, is a rogue scientist gone cupcatier!  After six years as a research scientist at JHU, The Cupcake Doctor decided science could be applied with more fun and aplomb to making things that really helped people: baked treats!  Throughout her academic career, she loved to make sweets for church functions, study groups, service activities, and her coworkers.  She saw first-hand, as many of you have experienced, that nothing brings people together like freshly baked goods.  Just the wonderful smell of a home-made cookie or cake is enough to make everyone smile, and it’s a gift from the heart.  A gift of time and care, one that brings back the very best memories for us all.

    With the strong support of her military family, Desirae launched The Cupcake Doctor in 2011.  Baking out of a commercial kitchen by day and working as a custodian by night, the schedule was challenging but the work incredibly satisfying and fun!  It’s hard to put a price on convenience these days, and The Doctor found that making reliable deliveries (or house calls, as we affectionately call them) was a service our customers really appreciated, and now it’s the cornerstone of our business.  Having a local service that can take care of gift deliveries and go the extra mile for you is much better than enlisting a national chain that ships baked goods from who-knows-where and can’t respond to what’s happening on delivery.  Why mail something as personal and lovable as baked goods when you can have them baked fresh and delivered in person by a friendly face for the same cost? 

    Now The Cupcake Doctor makes it even easier to get the high quality freshly-baked goods you need at a great price.  Between our awesome walk-in shop, the infamous Springs Cupcake Truck, and a reliable delivery service, we can treat your sweet tooth almost any time and place.  High altitude baking can be a challenge, but it’s one that we’ve mastered for you!  Families are busy these days, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the important occasions in your lives, and that’s where we come in.  Your local baker is happy to make delicious, beautiful, themed treats for your celebrations that will make wonderful memories.  Your happy times are our inspiration, and our only mission is to help you keep celebrating life’s moments with the ones you love.  It’s our goal for The Cupcake Doctor to be a place and a person folks can visit to feel better—to give you that little vacation you need to break up the work week.
    Rosemarie Leipply is a devoted wife and proud mother of three children, including The Cupcake Doctor.  She served her country honorably for 13 years before being medically retired due to drastic hearing loss in the line of duty.  After 15 years of struggling with hearing aids, receiving two cochlear implants changed her life and has given her a renewed appreciation for the sounds of Colorado!  She settled near Fort Carson with her husband, who retired there after 20 years of military service.  She now works with the local school district and spends her spare time helping military-service minded volunteer organizations and developing a line of patriotic arts and crafts, including blankets and greeting cards.  She is a lifetime fan of sweet treats, her fellow service members, and Styx.

    Daniell Leipply, aka The Cupcake Historian, aka The Cupcake Nurse, aka The Cupcake Brother, aka the funny one, aka the one who makes amazing tea cakes, is our assistant baker, cashier, and sometime delivery man.  After serving with the Tennessee National Guard through college and earning a bachelor's degree in history, Daniell has joined the Army Officer Corps.  We are happy to have him working with us anytime we can.

    Rachel Lacasse is our all-star lead decorator!  With over two years of experience designing your custom cakes and cupcakes, she's happy to put together a beautiful project that will have you guessing whether or not you and your little loved ones will eat or play with your sweet treats!

     Angela Robinson-Chandler is our former lead baker and imported Cupcake Wars Champion (won the ScreamFest episode in Season 4 of the competition baking show).  This awesome Army wife and baker-extraordinaire still has contest-winning treats on our menu and helps the Doctor continue to develop the best high-altitude treats you can find.  Our baked goods are made & served without preservatives or shortening. Baked with love and fresh ingredients, our treats are unmatched in creativity and taste.  Let The Cupcake Doctor provide a custom order for your next special occasion.  Every delicious cake is made just for you, and just the way you want it!

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