Custom Cakes & Treats

Custom Cakes

Our focus and emphasis is on providing delicious and beautiful cupcakes for our customers, but our cake design skills continue to grow!  If you have your heart set on having a small custom cake from us for your celebration, we offer 6"-10" cakes. Tiered, fondant-enrobed, and large cakes are not yet in our wheelhouse, but we are happy to recommend great local cake artists!  The following portfolio gives you an idea of what you can expect from us.  The time we can spend on your cake depends on the budget you give us!  For custom work, if you send us a photo similar to what you're looking for, we can get you an accurate quote.  Otherwise, our base prices for the standard 6" (8-10 servings), 8" (13-15 servings), and 10" (18-20 servings) rounds are $25, $35, and $45 respectively, which includes basic border and script.

The Cupcake Doctor  | 3312 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918 | 719-271-0990

Fresh & delicious


Extra frosting goodness, with the tear-away convenience you crave from a cupcake!  We can do all sorts of beautiful designs, just give us an idea of how many servings you need--base price is $3 per cupcake.

Custom Cakepops

Cakepops are a fun and easy party treat, perfect for everything from weddings to baby showers to holidays!  A delightful little bite of decadently moist cake and frosting, these customizable treats will leave everyone at your party starstruck and craving more...

Custom Cookies

Our cookies are just so scrumptious!  We can do some basic designs in royal or buttercream icing, send us a photo of something that catches your eye and we can get you a quote!

In-shop & on the Road

Custom Cookie-Cakes

A fantastic alternative to cupcakes, we can do a 10" square cookie with a basic border and script for just $25!