We deliver our baked goods daily all over Colorado Springs!  To perform a delivery, we need the recipient's name, address, a good delivery time, and payment in advance of the delivery.  Just call us at 719-271-0990, and we'll chat with you about your gift delivery details, including the flavors we'll have available for you to choose from!  We offer a rotating weekly selection, which always includes our top 4 sellers as well as a generous variety of feature flavors.  You are welcome to request additional Gift Options to add to your cupcake gift; the more notice you give us, the better able we are to accommodate different requests!  Our minimum order for delivery in Colorado Springs proper is a half-dozen.  General pricing for standard cupcakes in our standard delivery range* is as follows:

  •  12 std cupcakes--$35
  •  6 std cupcakes--$23
  •  24 mini-cupcakes-- $30
  •  same-day charge--  +$5

*All prices are subject to the appropriate sales tax, 8.25%, depending on the location/nature of the transaction.  We do deliver outside Colorado Springs proper, for an additional cost that varies based on mileage.  Delivery prices as listed apply to Colorado Springs proper (approximately, south of the USAFA, north of Fontaine, east of I-25, west of Marksheffel).  We will deliver to nearby areas, for a little extra (additional $2-$20 depending on mileage).  Minimum order for delivery is $23.  Fort Carson deliveries are $45 to the dozen.  Deliveries to the USAFA are $50 per dozen (minimum order, additional dozens just $25!).  Increased post delivery prices include a military discount, and are higher because they are on the far ends of the city and we have to use commercial gates and sign in / be inspected.

Please refer to the policies below for more information about our delivery service, obligations, and expectations. 

We hear all the time how awesome it is to be able to trust a local source and home-grown bakery for your baked good gift delivery needs!  We pride ourselves on getting our very best treats out to your loved ones reliably, so we have some policies in place to make sure we don't let you down.

Delivery is available nearly every day!  A visit from any of our fleet is a welcome sight.  We can deliver as soon as the next day, or do same-day rush orders if you call early enough and are flexible with flavors & delivery times.  This is one Doctor who will bend over backwards to serve you!  Of course, more notice means we can do the best possible job for you.

In order to perform a delivery, we need the recipient's name, address, and a good delivery time (a contact number is nice, but we understand many folks don't want to share that info).  Sometimes the gift recipient is not there when you expect them to be!  If a delivery is within a 2-mile radius of our shop we will redeliver; otherwise we assume your permission to leave your gift in a reasonable location near the residence at the time you specified.  We just can't spend all day driving after your gallivanting loved one.  :)

Thus, the delivery time you give us is important.  Try to be sneaky to get accurate info from your recipient.  ;)  We deliver to homes and offices, so choose the time and location you think works best.  Unless you specify otherwise, we assume a 30-minute delivery window (much better than your plumber or internet service!).  We can't control traffic, other drivers, or this crazy Colorado weather, so we need a little leeway.  If the timing of your delivery needs to be very specific, you need to tell us in very clear terms, e.g. "It has to be there before noon", or something to that effect.  Otherwise we just don't know, and we may arrive at 12:10 and miss your surprise.  Tell us our window and we'll make it happen.  Of course, we appreciate more flexibility in delivery times too (e.g. "anytime in the afternoon"); that helps us plan our routes more efficiently and keep costs low.  If you are just not sure, or not particular about the delivery time and tell us anytime is fine, we assume the delivery can be made anywhere within our business hours (9am-6pm) to your satisfaction. If your delivery time frame changes the same day as the delivery, we can not guarantee we'll be able to accommodate the change, but we will do our best.  Similarly, if you are asking for a same-day delivery, we need more flexibility.  It's more difficult for us to guarantee delivery times without advance notice, because we may have other customers to take care of in your desired time frame.

When calling, please have a general idea of what you'd like to send.  Our cupcake menu is extensive, and we just can't afford to describe every flavor over the phone.  Each week, we offer a rotating selection of 10-15 of our flavors, and you are welcome to choose from these when placing your orders.  If an order is short-notice, you will have to settle for what's already on tap in the shop.  It's also very difficult to customize orders at the last minute.  More notice means more time for us to get your order right and get you exactly what you want!  We can not put more thought and care into your order than you have given us time to, so please order something important or specific in advance and give us the opportunity to do great work for you!  Our policy is 48 hours MINIMUM for custom work, any less than that is all sales final.  This policy is for your benefit.  Don't set us up to fail, set us up to impress and we will!  Also, if you would like to tip the driver, let us know and we'll add it to your payment.  Tips are never expected, always appreciated!

For last-minute orders, it is important to recognize that we will not make a delivery unless the order has been paid for.  We receive plenty of calls / correspondences from folks who are "thinking" about placing an order; we don't assume it's serious until it's paid.  Otherwise it's an extra burden and expense for us.  If you do not remit payment for your order in a time frame that allows us to make your desired delivery successfully, we do not accept responsibility for the outcome.  If you do not pay until right before your order is supposed to be delivered, it's just not fair to assume that we can drop everyone else's planned orders to make yours happen on time.  Make it easy for everyone and pay for / schedule deliveries in advance!

Our last and most important policy concerns incomplete or incorrect delivery addresses.  Recurring problems are mixing up E. and W. Streets, Aves vs. Rds vs. Blvds, leaving out apartment information, or giving the incorrect hotel address.  If you are not sure about the address, please make sure before calling!  Chances are we don't know your loved one, and we're not going to be able to find them if they're not where you tell us they are.  If we are given the wrong or incomplete address, we reserve the right to terminate delivery without a refund.  We baked, we drove, accumulated the expense, and they're just not where you told us.  We try to avoid doing that, because we're not bad people.  What usually happens is we contact you again and ask for your help or for contact info for your recipient, and redeliver at a nominal cost.  This process becomes problematic on busy days or holidays, especially on Valentine's or Mother's Day.  So our policy is that if we receive an incorrect address from you, your order goes to the back of the line; i.e. happens on our timetable and we don't feel bad about that.  We have many other customers that we have obligations to serve, and serve well.  The important thing to take from this is to give us accurate addresses and times!  Then we avoid any problems.

We sometimes offer to text or e-mail you a complimentary photo of your gift.  Please understand that we are a small business, and have multiple deliveries to accommodate within a day.  We usually do not begin customer correspondence before every order has been taken care of (which we know you appreciate!).  Just because you do not receive a photo at the time of delivery does not mean the delivery has not happened.  Your picture will come later, and if it's Friday or Saturday or a holiday it may not happen until the next day.  We do our best, but we have to sleep sometime.  ;)

We have run into the occasional snafu with delivery, as you might expect, but we have always done our best to set things right when they go wrong.  We're not perfect (pretty close though!  :)  ), but we're fair and will do right by you.  You can trust this Doctor with your house calls.  We hope to "treat" you soon!

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