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Fresh & delicious

  We don't "just" bake cupcakes; a variety of delectable muffins, cookies, brownies, and other chocolatey delights are available by order and detailed below.  Coupled with cupcakes, our dessert bars and gift deliveries become the stuff of legend! 

When it comes to Custom Cakes, we limit ourselves to small (1/4 sheet-size) cupcake-cakes, 6-10" round cakes, and 10" cookie-cakes. We are always happy to recommend other amazing local businesses to satisfy your large/wedding cake orders.  Check out representative photos of our work here.

Our muffins are big enough to satisfy the most ravenous morning appetites, and keep you going all day long!  We can make giant, standard, and mini-sized muffins...order in advance to be sure you get exactly the breakfast boost you're looking for (see general pricing here). They're all perfect for morning meetings at the office!  We now offer delectable gluten-free muffins & cookies in several flavors (subject to availability).  We don't bake muffins every day in the shop, so be sure to call ahead with your order!

Breakfast Muffins:
Banana Nut
Chocolate Chip
C4! (Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Coconut)
Mixed Berry


We bake standard-sized cookies (for our bakeshop, a 2-2.5" cookie) for $12 to the dozen ($23 delivered).  Tell us how you like them, soft or crunchy, and we'll bake them to your taste!  If you would like customized cookies in different sizes, shapes and patterns, the cost depends on the design and specifications.  Sometimes we have extras in the shop, but be sure to call ahead if you have these particular treats in mind!

Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Triple Chocolate Chip
The Everything Cookie
Chocolate Candy Cookie
White Chocolate Cranberry
The Cupcake Historian's Famous Russian Tea Cakes ($12 to the dozen)

We do offer large custom frosted cookies to order as well.  Price depends on the size, colors, customization, and normal cookie equivalent!  The typical square we execute is a 10" or quarter-sheet rectangle (base price $35 for 10"--25x 2"x2" cookies), $45 for 10x14").  If you have a different idea of serving size in mind for your cookie-cake, just let us know the overall size you'd like!  Sheets and half-sheets are possible, but range from $80-$150 depending on size and design!

The Doctor loves her cupcakes, but sometimes there's just nothing better than an ooey-gooey brownie!

Fudge Brownies

Walnut or Pecan Brownies
Cream Cheese Brownies
Sophie's Blondie Brownies

Chocolate Covered Fruits & Bacon:

We love covering things in chocolate...  ;)

Ice Cream & Ice Cream Cupcakes:

Our home-made ice cream is absolutely delectable!  Simple ingredients, pure flavors.  If you love our cupcakes, you are sure to love the frozen part of our business too.  Combine with any of our cupcakes or other baked goods and fun toppings to build your own custom sundae in the shop, on the spot!  Perfect summer treat, available year-round.


Our cakepops are typically served off the stick, but we can keep them on the stick and even wrap them to order!  Cakepops are a perfect dessert appetizer for all sorts of occasions, and so easy to customize!  Just $2.50 each for the standard dip and drizzle, custom projects are quoted according to level of detail.

Assorted Baked Treats Available by Order:

You really can't predict what we'll be baking up in the shop any given day...from cinnamon rolls to scones to tarts and more, swing by the shop to see what we're mixing up!  We're guaranteed to have just the cure for your sweet tooth!



Cakes & Baked Treats