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"As a fellow doctor, I peer-reviewed the cupcakes you brought over today, and my associates and I find your methods scientifically sound. I really appreciate you helping my wife, Kristin, to surprise us!" -- Jon        -------> The Associates ------>  :o)

From Yelp: "Best cake/cupcakes in the springs! I ordered a custom "Daniel Tiger" cake and it came out AMAZING!!"  --Matt C.

"You guys are AWESOME!  Thank you so very much!!!  My daughter loved the cupcakes and her co-workers said how delicious they were and my grandkids could hardly wait to eat their dinner so they could have some.  They were eyeballing them and ooohing and awwhhhhing over them on the way home..."  --Peggy

"A gem of a local service.  I ordered with little notice, but was able to send an absolutely beautiful gift same-day after speaking with a young lady who was gracious, friendly, and accommodating, even though I could tell they were busy. The prices are also absurdly good.  I wish there was one of these shops in every city, what a special way to keep in touch with family!"  --Anna K.

"THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!!!! But then, I knew they'd look AMAZING because you were creating them!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Thank you again for taking care of these!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!"
--Mike, overseas Dad  :o)

"Very eye-catching...because of the different flavors, you would not find this at name brand stores, which I love!!! I think it's fantastic someone thinks outside the box and is not afraid to experiment." -- Tara J.

"The gluten-free cupcakes were GREAT! Thank you for everything you have done for our family." --Anne D.

"It was a huge hit! She was both very surprised, and very impressed with the delicious cupcakes. Thank you again for putting the extra effort into this order to make it special for her.  It can be difficult for me to show her how much I love her with this distance between us.  But this delivery brought tears to her eyes." -- J.B.

"We appreciate your efficient, cheerful way of doing business!" -- Maria M.

"Oh my word!! Just received a photo of the cupcakes I had ordered for my sister's Wizard of Oz show… dying!!!! Honestly, more fabulous than I could have imagined!!!! Sooooo cute- THANK YOU!!! Such a wonderful way to send some love to my sister from states away!! You have now made our whole family fans of the The Cupcake Doctor!" --Kayla R.

"What can I say Wow! These are the best cupcakes I ever had, I gave the cupcake doctor short notice and she far exceeded what I was expecting you will have my business for every holiday and I'm sure I will make up some holidays just because they are so good!" --David C.

"Its a shame they only give you the option to select "like". It doesn't quite describe these cupcakes... Love is more appropriate.  Your cupcakes are decadent!" -- Elizabeth H.

"Thank you so much for taking my last minute order for my daddy's birthday and delivering them to him. He absolutely loved them. He was so excited especially about the Broncos cupcake and said they were are truly remarkable and I want everyone to know that they should come indulge in your tasty treats. As an Army veteran myself, I am appreciative of your military service as well as your continued service to the people of Colorado with low prices and exceptional customer service. Thank you again." -- Courtney C.

"Thank you so much for taking care of my order.  It was a pleasure talking to you and it really sounds like you have an awesome operation...I was so amazed at the extra touches you do to make someone's day very special.  Thanks again!" -- Robin C.

"He's never been able to eat cupcakes before!  You made me cry."  --  MJ    *The introduction of the allergy-proof cupcake!

"My sister-in-law Mindy just called to tell me she LOVES the cupcakes I ordered and had delivered for her birthday.  Being in Boston, it's hard to know what you're ordering from over the phone.  She sent me a picture and I couldn't be more happy!  They look delicious and I wish you guys had a shop here in Boston.  I look forward to visiting your bakery the next time I'm out west visiting.  Mindy said they are delicious and she even shared a lick with my nephew Dylan (almost 6 months).  It was his first taste of sugar and he went nuts and made a pout when she pulled it away.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"  --Serena

"You are an amazing baker!" -- Jess

"The banana cream pie cupcake...was easily the best cupcake I've ever had!!!  My favorite dessert in the world is a good ol' banana cream pie, your cupcake tasted just like one and is now my favorite dessert so thank you :)" -- Nick D.

"These are the most wonderful cupcakes ever!" -- Nora A.

"Definitely tastes much better than fake manufactured products." -- Rachael C.

"We have been in cupcake heaven today!  So divine!" -- Teresa F.

"Best blueberry cupcakes I've ever had!" -- Cassidy

"Superior to chain stores--the amount of frosting was just right for sweetness & it was visually appealing." -- Tara W.

"Very pretty & tasty, 200% better!"  --Audrey

"I think that was the best banana cupcake I have ever had! And the strawberry tasted like real strawberry...Very pleased with my order." -- Xina P.

"I am in awe! They turned out wonderful."  -- Ali

"Thank you so much for helping to make my mom's last day special.  You all rock!" -- Michelle Z.