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We now quote pricing for custom work by the project to ensure your satisfaction!  We have budget-friendly projects that add just $5-$8 to the dozen (standard pricing starts at $25), and pricing levels for more and more detailed work.  When you're paying for custom cupcakes, you are paying for the cost of fondant, chocolate, or other materials, as well as our time to complete the design.  The more you can spend, the more you can expect.  These photo albums will offer some of the possibilities.

When you place a custom order, have an idea of what you'd like!  If you're not particular, just give us an idea of your budget and let us have free rein.  If you are particular and have certain expectations, let us know.  Because if you say "flowers" or "bears", there are millions of ways to do those projects.  Please do not assume that we will do them the way you see them in your head.  Tell us what's in your head.  If you'd like fondant versus chocolate or buttercream, colored or stylized frosting, if you have PHOTOs especially, let us know.  We want to make you happy, so help us to serve you well.  And please call or stop in to discuss your custom order.  A conversation on the phone will often save the time of sending a million e-mails.  ;o)  If you're interested in a custom cake, we offer 6" double-layer cakes with confidence, and we're starting to do larger ones too.

Fondant is the most common substrate for designs.  It's flexible and we can do almost anything with it!  Chocolate and buttercream frostings taste better, but we are more limited when it comes to detail and color.  We have recently picked up equipment that allows us to accomplish more detailed designs in fondant, but we do still reach color limits when it comes to primary hues.  Color-matching is always subject to physical and material limits, and we choose not to use plastic or powder coloring options for health reasons. Please bear this in mind when considering your project.  If you are particular about dark colors, we are happy to recommend other bakers/artists who can accommodate requests we will not handle.

Colored buttercreams can also be used for decor.  Frostings can be colored, but we will not do primary colors as the primary frosting source for the cupcake.  Red buttercream frosting does not taste or feel the same as our lovely uncolored frosting, and we choose taste over aesthetics. We will accent cupcakes with primary hues if you like, but we want you to enjoy eating your treats as much as you enjoy looking at them.  In fact, lighter-colored cupcake backgrounds often accentuate brightly-colored fondant pieces (which we are happy to make in brighter primary colors).

There are many different frosting styles to choose from as well; feel free to pick some you think would go great with your project! You can also choose among our colorful cupcake liners; if you have specialized liners in mind for your project you can bring them in and we will happily bake in them for you for no additional cost. Sprinkle color is also customizable, for no additional cost as long as you choose from our available sprinkles. Again, if you have specific pareils in mind, feel free to bring them in and we will use them for you. We'd love to be able to stock every liner and sprinkle under the sun, but there's just too much!

Prices will vary with each unique request (coloring, sprinkles, glitter, frosting style, pieces, QUANTITY ordered--it gets easier for us to assembly line piece production with larger orders) and possibly the person giving the quote.  We will do our best to be consistent, but know that any variance is not an effort to "get you" but an individual's honest interpretation of how long a project will take based on your requests.  Senior decorators have the final say in project cost, and any attempt to wrangle a lower price from a more inexperienced employee will not be tolerated.  Our prices are good, and our people are honest.  We only ever ask to be compensated for our time, materials, and a piece of our overhead, and we hope that you can respect that and appreciate our efforts.

We no longer sell "just the pieces". They are paired with our cupcakes to ensure an excellent presentation. If you give us photos, please remember that every bakeshop uses different tools and techniques. That's why I will always say we are happy to do our version of a pictured project. Most of the time we come very close. :o)

If you are picking up a custom project a day early, you will receive the cupcakes and pieces separately. Fondant is sugar, and frosting is wet, so pieces will wilt if kept in frosting overnight. The pieces can be applied the day of your celebration for maximum impact!

*We do not currently offer sugar work, but Doc is always learning and wants to add this technique to her repertoire some day!

Cupcake Customization