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Pickup Policies

We love seeing your smiling faces in the shop!  Nabbing a bunch of our cupcakes is sure to keep those smiles firmly in place, so we have a few suggestions to ensure you have a happy visit.  It's a good idea to schedule a pick-up a couple days in advance, particularly if you'd like a certain flavor or are planning to get a lot of one flavor.  If you come in the day of, you're limiting yourself to the 8-14 flavors we and others have chosen to have in the shop that day.  And we only make so many of each flavor a day, which is based on my best guess of our average business on a given day.  If you come in on a random Tuesday and ask for 6 dozen vanilla cupcakes we're not going to be able to accommodate you.  Let us know in advance so we can make you happy!

When we ask for a pick-up time, please give us the earliest time you will be in to pick up your treats.  We complete projects in the order that folks tell us they will be in.  If you come in before your pick-up time, your treats may not be ready, particularly on a Friday or Saturday.  They will be done by your pick-up time, or you will be compensated for your time.  There is no penalty for you coming in later; we just want to make sure your cupcakes are ready for you so you're not waiting on your party day.

If you elect to pick-up for a large order and setup, we are not responsible to anything that happens to your cupcakes once you leave the shop.  We will pack your treats in our inserted boxes, which will protect them under reasonable driving behavior/conditions.  If you take the speed bumps or turn corners at 40mph, you will overturn your cupcakes and that is not our fault.  We offer delivery for great prices if you are worried.  Anything that happens to your cupcakes while we are transporting them is our fault, and you will be compensated / have goods replaced without cost to you.