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The Cupcake Doctor  | 3312 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918 | 719-271-0990

Coco, The Springs Cupcake Truck

When Coco met Cuppy!

The Cupcake Doctor Fleet

Fresh & delicious

The Cupcambulance, Cuppy

We have three full-time service vehicles ready to deliver your cupcake prescriptions almost any time:  the original Cupcake-mobile, our new Cupcambulance, and Coco The Springs Cupcake Truck!  The fourth vehicle is our part-time post delivery specialist, Get Some.  Cuppy will make an appearance for a delivery if requested.  The Springs Cupcake Truck must be rented for events in advance.  The more time you give us for deliveries, the better the job we can do for you!

The Cupcake Doctor Fleet

Rachel, the original Cupcake-Mobile