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Crystal tiers


These clear tiers make for a pretty presentation and hold up to two dozen cupcakes each.  They are available for $15, which includes delivery/setup in Colorado Springs proper.  Just $10 if they are picked up and returned to the shop undamaged!

Wire frame display

The wire frame holds five clear platters and is perfect for any dessert bar.  This display is available for $15, including setup.  Prices are not necessarily additive, if you require more than one tower or display for an event we will lower the overall rental cost.

Hollywood Reel Set

Lights, camera, action!  This custom-made tripod and set of film reels is sure to capture the attention and imagination of your audience!

Cascading Cake Stand


For a different shape to your event display, try this cascading tier.  Perfect draped or left white! 

Smaller metal tiers

These fun serving pieces add delightful whimsy and playfulness to your event!  We now have a 2- and a 3-dozen metal tier.

*We can also purchase small customized tiers from local stores for your event, and add that cost and a surcharge to your order.

**It is your responsibility to let us know which tower or display you would like for your large event as soon as you can.  We just can't guarantee the availability of every tower every day; if someone beats you to it, or you change your mind later, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

***We now require credit card information be given with each tower rental.  Many of our towers are built and painted by hand, expensive pieces, and we need them to be treated and returned with care.  If they are damaged, destroyed, or not returned, you will be charged $50 (damage) or $200 (destroyed or missing), as stipulated in the tower rental form to be signed in the shop.  When towers are not treated with care or returned in a timely fashion, it can negatively impact someone else's celebration.  We appreciate you making it possible for us to provide the best experience to as many of our customers as possible!

Cupcake towers

These large displays are eye-catching, and make your beautiful treats stand out in any crowd!  The towers can be personalized with ribbon, fabric, or your own personal mementos.  They are available for $15-$60, depending on the details and demands of the request, and the quoted cost can include recovery.  Rental of any of our towers requires signing of a tier rental agreement and credit card information for us to hold until the tower is returned safely.

The white towers:

Easily customizable for any color scheme or occasion, our classically beautiful white circular towers stand out at any event!  Four tiers holds up to 120 cupcakes or 200 minis, and five tiers can handle 200 cupcakes or 300 minis.

For the largest functions, we now have our 6-tier white square tower, whose maximum yield is 350 cupcakes!

The square wooden tower:

For more rustic themes or settings in the great outdoors, our amber-stained square wooden tower can hold up to 150 cupcakes or 250 minis.

The circular wooden tower:

By popular demand, we now have a wooden tower with softer edges!  Holds up to 120 cupcakes.

The glass tower:

An idea from one of our first wedding couples, this lovely glass tower is modern and customizable.  We need more practice to determine the holding power; we know it's more than the wooden tower!  Because of the additional time and care for transport and setup, the baseline cost is higher for this tower (minimum $40).  Trust us, it's worth it!

You are always welcome to provide ribbon to the bakeshop to use to trim your cupcake tower display!  We do not allow customers to modify the towers, and if you do you may be charged a hefty damage fee, especially for the use of a glue gun.  Let us prepare your tower for you!


Tiers & Towers