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We have just what you need to make your Valentine feel extra special this year!  If you'd like a delivery, it adds a nominal delivery cost ($15 in our standard range, can quote beyond that as well!).    Nothing makes a sweeter gift than our beautiful cupcakes and other baked goodies!  Surprise your love with a local, customized gift from the heart.  You can select from one of our discounted Gift Packages, with options for every budget, or build-your-own gift with these choices in mind:

*Valentine's Decorated Cupcakes-- 6 for $21 or 12 for $41

*Valentine's Themed Cakepops--$2.50 each, or a gift pack of 6 for $15                 for standard dip & drizzle or sprinkle

         $3.50 each for deluxe (shaped), $19 for 6

*Small Flower Bouquet (e.g. Valentine's carnations)--$15

*Festive Stuffed Animal--$8

*Balloons--Mylar for $15, custom set of 3 nylons for $5

*Standard Valentine's Themed Cookies--$3 singles, or 6 for $18

*Small Chocolate-Covered Strawberries--$2.50 each, 6 for $15

$3 each for vodka-soaked berries (extra yum!)

*Macarons--$3.50 singles, or 6 for $19

*Truffles--$13 for 6, $25 for 12

Gift Packages: (cost does not include delivery ~$15 in CS)

*Gift Package 1--$48:  6 decorated cupcakes, 6 standard cakepops or strawberries or truffles, & flower bouquet

*Gift Package 2--$75: 12 decorated cupcakes, 6 standard cakepops or strawberries or truffles, small stuffed animal, & flower bouquet

*Gift Package 3--$110: 12 decorated cupcakes, gift-pack of 6 deluxe cakepops, 6 chocolate-covered strawberries, small stuffed animal, flower bouquet, and Mylar balloon

**The only extra cost on these prices is the applicable sales tax and delivery fee if requested (usually $15 in Colorado Springs proper).  All Val-Day deliveries come with a free bow and note on the box.  You may choose an assortment of flavors from our available flavors*** for your dozen for no extra cost.  If you elect to go without the fondant decor, just the festive sprinkles, the base price drops back to $29 for the dozen!

***This year's Valentine menu of cupcake flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate, Turtle Sundae, Chocolate-Caramel Sundae, Strawberry, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Champagne, Mudslide, Port Wine, Black Forest, German Chocolate, Turtle Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, ChocoNilla, Tuxedo, Chocolate, Peak, Red Velvet, and Vanilla!

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