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Consider this our cupcake FAQ and troubleshooting page!

Q. What's the best way to store my cupcakes?
A. If you have leftover cupcakes (can't imagine why...  :o)  ) and want to keep them fresh and delicious, here's what to do.  First, check and see whether any of your cupcakes have fresh fruit or cream fillings.  If so, those cupcakes will have to be refrigerated.  Refrigeration does dry cakes out.  But any other cupcakes can be kept moist and decadent, simply by packing them in a Ziploc-style plastic container and storing them on your countertop at room temperature for up to 2 days (as long as the container is air-tight).  Leaving your cupcakes out, even in our bakery boxes (which are not air-tight), will dry them out over time.  Colorado can get very dry, and cake is like bread; if you leave it out it will get crusty, and there is nothing we can do about that.  Sugar (like salt) is a preservative, and your fresh buttercreams will be fine as long as they're not exposed to heat or the elements.  Take care of your cupcakes and they will continue taking care of you!

Q. What's a good way to get my cake/cupcakes out of the box? 
A. If you've ordered a cake, or placed a large or odd-numbered cupcake order and don't have an insert in the box, and want to remove your  beautiful treats from their boxy home without damaging or "smushing" (the medical term) them, then you can fold down the front flap of the box and grab them from the side!

Q. Do you guys have a walk-in store?
A. Yes!!!  We're at 3312 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, and you can come in any time and pick up any of the flavors in our daily shop selection!

Q. Do you have to pre-order?
A. No!  We stock 8-15 flavors of delicious cupcakes in the shop every day. Ordering in advance is recommended if you have a large order (particularly of one flavor type), or are having cupcakes delivered, or you want a particular flavor (walk-ins are subject to choosing from our daily shop selection; we just can't make every flavor fresh every day).  You do need to call/visit in advance if you have a custom project in mind; on rare occasions Doc has time within a day to customize, but we can't guarantee it same day.  Let us do a good job for you and order in advance!

Q. What happens to fondant as it sits out?
A. If you have a custom project with fondant work, over time the frosting will hydrate the fondant, leading to a melted appearance.  There's nothing "bad" about it, it just moisturizes because our frostings are fresh and creamy.  :o)  That's why we recommending picking up (or having delivered) custom projects the same day as the occasion.  They look sharp for about a day, so placing the pieces is the last thing Doc does before presentation.  If you need to pick up the project early, we are happy to package the fondant pieces separately so you can place them the next day!

Q. Have you auditioned for Cupcake Wars? 
A. Indeed we have!  We got the call from the popular Food Network program--check out our videos on our YouTube channel.  We didn't get selected to compete, but our former lead baker Angela Chandler is a Cupcake Wars champion!  We serve some of her Cupcake Wars-winning recipes in the shop on occasion.

Q. Are you really a Doctor?
A. Yep, I really can print that Dr. on our business cards without getting in trouble.  I have a Ph.Delicious and my specialty is "treat"ing people.  ;)

Q. Which is your favorite cupcake?
A. That's like asking me to choose my favorite child! :o) Honestly, like so many of you, it depends on the day I'm having!

Cupcake Care and FAQs

A leftover cupcake stored happily in its new Ziploc home.  Probably won't be there long...

The Cupcake Historian demonstrating how to remove cupcakes from the box, hassle-free.

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